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Your Personal Collection: The Value of Autographs

Collectors have sought after autographs of notable people for hundreds of years. The desire to have a personal memento from a person of importance and fame fuels the autograph collecting field. This century old practice has now emerged into what we can call a marketplace for the exchange of autographs of the world. The first and most important aspect here is the person whose signature is being collected.

Those who take the crown, in terms of popularity, are actually a very small set of people. These are the icons that we respect and look up to. Their names stay in our hearts, and their images appear regularly in our culture. Not only are they admired, everything about them is passionately sought after, and be it their principles in life or their signed autographs. Some of the most prominent examples in the sports are Diego Maradona, Michael Schumacher, Pele, Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth. In our political history, names like Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln fit the bill. When it comes to the world of entertainment, the list is simple endless. From movies to stand up comedy, TV shows to rock concerts, thousands of great artists like Leonardo Di Caprio, James Dean, and Marilyn Monroe deserve the title. Continue reading

The Thrill of an Autograph

There’s a certain thrill in a famous signature. It’s an excitement that can come from the experience of actually meeting the signer, from what the signature means in the memory, or in considering the financial worth of the investment.

Hero Worship

Hero worship has been around since The Garden, and will always be a part of everyone’s psyche. As children we define our heroes, and as adults we codify those definitions maybe not as openly, but certainly unconsciously in our fantasies.

In The Garden it may have God or the other divine creature that was stirring up trouble. Over the years kings and warriors were heroes that generated worship. As literature began shaping culture fictional giant slayers and legendary world travelers were the recipients of beatification. In today’s world there are more honorary gods than there are people to worship at their feet.  They are created by games, by performances, by tall tail tellers and producers, and by personal admiration.

People want any kind of attachment to the heroes they find in their cultures; be they from sports, entertainment, fantasy, or the political worlds. Autographs seem to be a significant way to make that attachment, particularly if one meets the beatified hero and gets at least a moment with them to remember. Autographs are our proof of that glorious moment. Continue reading

When TV Memorabilia is more than Just a Piece of History


While health experts claim too much television isn’t good for you, many of us have had a few good laughs in watching good programming such as TV sitcoms or even a movie matinee at the theater.  Something people often don’t realize is the variety of TV memorabilia for sale.  These items range from stage props to autographed items from actors and directors.  It can be a fulfilling thought to have a piece of television history from your favorite program or film.  But, many people find such items to hold more than just entertainment history for a few reasons.

Memories of What Times Were Like in the Past

TV memorabilia such as photographs, written scripts, and film posters help paint a picture of how times were when the project was introduced to the public.  This may be the case for older items of interest, especially when VCRs were popular before LCD screens and HD (high definition) features became must-haves for modern day households.  Many people feel that a variety of television and movies created today just seem to miss the mark as far as quality and entertainment is concerned.  Having items from a previous era really puts things into new perspectives. Continue reading

When Memorabilia is More than Just a Piece of Collection


Thousands of people throughout the UK have turned to autographed memorabilia collecting to occupy their time. It is exciting to gain the signature of someone that you’ve idolised for quite some time, whether it is a sports figure, a musician, an actor or an actress or even someone who writes books or produces or directs films. Even if it is not an individual that you’ve followed, having the autograph of a famous name that you’ve heard through the years is just as exciting.

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