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The UNGODLYs 2014

In sport, glory is temporary; shame is forever. Continue reading

Redemption and False Memory – Italia ’90

The World Cup of 1990 was one of the worst – turgid, low-scoring games, card-happy referees and a final of almost exquisite and cynical awfulness. Continue reading

1974 World Cup – The Kaiser Chief

If you thought being an England fan was tough, spare a thought for the Dutch. Continue reading

Germany 1 England 5 – The Golden Generation Shines Bright

Only the most deluded England fan will tell you that their team can win the World Cup these days. This is as it should be. Continue reading

FA Cup 1999 – Manchester United v Arsenal

Intercept weary Vieira crossfield pass just inside own half.

Cut inside, beat Vieira, outpace Dixon, sway back outside, jink past Keown, beat Dixon again, arrive to the left of the six-yard line and smash the ball over Adams’ despairing lunge and up and beyond Seaman. Continue reading