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Johnny Marr – Slow-Burning Master

You can’t write about Marr without mentioning Morrissey, which is both self-evident and unhelpful – for the guitarist at least. Continue reading

Top Ten Women – Top Ten Facts

From All Saints to Lena Zavaroni, the sisters have been doing it (not always for themselves) in the music industry since, well, there has been a music industry. Continue reading

Top 10 Queen Facts (the band, not the cash/stamp one)

So much has been written about Queen over the years that there’s little point re-hashing it all here.

Instead, we can give you ten of the most obscure facts about the rock monster that Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon created. Continue reading

Mike Skinner and The Streets – Reality Checked

Where hip hop is concerned, ‘keeping it real’ is a major part of the game. Continue reading

Your Personal Collection: The Value of Autographs

Collectors have sought after autographs of notable people for hundreds of years. The desire to have a personal memento from a person of importance and fame fuels the autograph collecting field. This century old practice has now emerged into what we can call a marketplace for the exchange of autographs of the world. The first and most important aspect here is the person whose signature is being collected.

Those who take the crown, in terms of popularity, are actually a very small set of people. These are the icons that we respect and look up to. Their names stay in our hearts, and their images appear regularly in our culture. Not only are they admired, everything about them is passionately sought after, and be it their principles in life or their signed autographs. Some of the most prominent examples in the sports are Diego Maradona, Michael Schumacher, Pele, Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth. In our political history, names like Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln fit the bill. When it comes to the world of entertainment, the list is simple endless. From movies to stand up comedy, TV shows to rock concerts, thousands of great artists like Leonardo Di Caprio, James Dean, and Marilyn Monroe deserve the title. Continue reading