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1991 European Cup Winners’ Cup Final Manchester United v Barcelona

1991 CWC Final

Sparky, of all people, grabs the Winning Goal

Redemption might be too strong a word for it, but there is no doubting that the 1991 European Cup Winners’ Cup Final revolved around Mark Hughes and his unfinished business with Barcelona.

The United legend had been sold, albeit reluctantly, to the Catalan club in 1986 and then spent two increasingly frustrating years failing to make his mark at the Nou Camp. Continue reading

Certificate of Authenticity (COA) – The Truth

Up North Memorabili Certificate of Authenticity

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

A COA or Certificate of Authenticity is a document that is accompanied with a piece of memorabilia to show the item is Authentic and Genuine. In reality anyone can issue a Certificate of Authenticity and for this reason we say that a COA is only as good as the person/company issuing it.

Why do you need a COA?

In today’s world anyone with an internet connection or online auction site account can sell an autograph, and anyone can print off a COA on their home computer. The world we live in is rife with bogus sellers auctioning fake autographs and signatures with fake homemade COAs attached to them. Memorabilia collectors beware – only very few COAs are worth the paper they are printed on. Getting a Certificate from a well known company like us (Up North Memorabilia) will help you if you ever decide to resell your item in the future. Having a COA from an unknown company will not bode well with other collectors. If you are spending money on autographs buy from the right people so you get a COA that means something, and to ensure your investment is safe, store the Certificate with your item at all times. Continue reading