Why Ryan Giggs can play on after 40

Ryan Giggs Arsenal Goal

Ryan Giggs’ “Wonder Goal” vs Arsenal, 1999

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs turned 40 at the end of last month – and although he may no longer have the skittering quickness that was his trademark early in his career, his vision and drive are still up there with the best.

Part of the reason that Ryan Giggs Memorabilia has been so popular over the last 20 years is because of his relentless determination on the field. There is something about the way Giggs plays, an indefinable energy that injects the team with youthful playfulness and a sense of purpose.

Giggs ran over 10,000 metres in United’s 5-0 thrashing of Bayer Leverkusen just two days before his 40th birthday, leaving team mates and opponents alike admiring his endurance. But it should come as no surprise that the Welsh wonder is able to dazzle 23 years after his Old Trafford début.

In recent years, Giggs has played more of a central role for the Red Devils, but no matter where he lines up, he proves to be a throwback to the attacking wingers who stormed onto the footballing scene in the 1950s.

His fox-like runs are full of daring, and his footwork remains no less beguiling than the sleight of hand flashed by a street magician. Giggs has been at it for so long that he is the only player in the league who played before the Premier League became the Premier League.

Ryan Giggs Autographs

Manchester United’s Number 11

Previously, the iconic number 11 Man United shirt was most well known for being worn by George Best. But over his glittering career, Ryan Giggs has made it his own. In those digits he has won the Premier League title 13 times, the FA Cup four times, and the Champions League twice.

The ageless star was named one of the Football League’s 100 legends alongside historic players like Sir Geoff Hurst, Sir Bobby Charlton, and Gary Lineker. He’s the only name on the list who hasn’t retired, and if recent form is anything to go by, it will be a while yet before he hangs up the boots.

He has scored in 16 different Champions League campaigns and every single Premier League season since it began. There will never be another player who can claim that, and you can cherish his legacy with a Ryan Giggs autograph hand-signed by the man himself.

A signed Ryan Giggs shirt is the perfect way to celebrate the success of one of Manchester United’s best ever players. Or if you want a piece of football history kept alive to remember forever, a framed photo makes a great souvenir.

Giggs is the most decorated athlete in the history of English football, and will go down as one of the best players the sport has ever seen. When he retires, and his exploits are consigned to the history books, he will only be cherished more. We may never again see a player like him, a player so good for so long.

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